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Something exciting called Infinii.This is a special program which needs an invitation to join so you will have to email us at : 

It gets even better though. INFINii will also have a co-op called Springboard. In this co-op INFINii will have items they source, package and list on Amazon. You can buy into the co-op and let INFINii do all the work. They will send you money each week for your portion of the sales.

Real money, little to no work.

The Springboard will be especially nice for international members who have trouble selling on eBay and Amazon. You will not need your own selling account to take advantage of the huge amount of buyers on those sites. You will only need an INFINii account which will be available to everyone, worldwide.

Yes, you will need a little money upfront to join INFINii and buy into the co-op but then you just sit around and wait for the money to roll in. This is what everyone is looking for, isn't it? This is what everyone promises but no one delivers. That is because they are depending on the actions of others to produce an income. Okay, INFINii is depending on people to shop on Amazon to produce an income. I don't think that is a real concern. People are already shopping on Amazon and no one has to go out to find people to buy anything. No bugging your friends and family. No lists of contacts to create.

That, my friend, is a sweet deal!!!

Now, when you join INFINii you will automatically have access to Springboard. Depending on the level of INFINii you come in at will depend on how many 'seats' in Springbaord you will have available to you. Once your seat has cashed out you will have it back again for future purchases. A seat is purchasing power. In the Prime level of INFINii you will get 5 seats. That means you can buy into 5 separate co-ops or 5 positions in one co-op or any variation. Once you have used all your seats you wait for them to cash out, rinse and repeat.

This can be a very passive income and bring you a comfortable living.

From what I understand, the seats will be as low as $10 for some items and up into the thousands for others. There will be plenty to go around so no worries there.